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Looking forward to attending workshop. This is my second year as a bee keeper

#5 I really enjoy your workshop, and the vendors are great, looking forward to the show this spring

Starting beekeeping this spring. Looking to attend the Tricounty convention in March. If you have helpful hints drop me a line. Thanks.

Looking forward to attending the class on the 28th! 

I am a new member to the Association and only in my third year of beekeeping. I just wanted to thank you all for the work that you do with bees - which has permitted an organization like this to even exist in my area. I greatly look forward to the workshop this spring and learning, sharing, and networking with good folks!

Does anyone know if you can have an apiary in Wooster (inside city limits)?

Yes i am a new bee keeper and am learning as i go, I have learned a ton and loving it, but was wondering if there is anyone with far more knowledge than i to come and check my hive and give me some pointers, I think my hive is getting ready to swarm, and i sure could use a little info. Planning on attending the next meeting and hope to grow a great deal as a beekeeper. thanks john

We were able to attend your Spring Workshop this year. As usual it was outstanding!!! So smooth. From the doorman, through registration, beebag, guide, vendors, workshops, doorprizes- there wasn't a speed bump along the way. The morning pecan rolls, coffee, box lunch, beverages were delicious! I've attended for three years and always leave feeling re-energized, excited and a bit more knowing than when I arrived. Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make it memorable.

Hi All,
Thanks for this site, its great. I am a New-Bee, so all the info I can get will be helpful.
One suggestion or question I have is, there are barely any addresses here, except one I had to hunt for regarding meetings. Where are the workshops held, i.e., beginners classes, Spring workshops, etc. Are they all at the same address Garrison Circle? Maybe I missed something, but I sure had a hard time finding location. Thanks for the site and all your dedication. Our bees are in distress and I am excited to try and help. Being a newly retired nurse, I guess its in my nature.

Thank you for your kind remarks and your suggestions on our website. The Beginner Beekeeping Class and the monthly meetings are all held at the OSU/ATI Honeybee Lab which is located on Garrison Circle. (Gossard off SR 250 will bring you closer to the doors) The Spring Workshop is held at Fisher Auditorium and Shisler Center which are located at 1680 Madison Avenue (SR 250) Wooster, Oh 44691.

Loved,Loved Loved the 2016 workshop.

Thank you for your comments!

To those who don't know George Taylor died last year June 9th. The business remains in operation and taking orders for 2017 package bees. I'd like to thank everyone that new George for their prayes and condolence. He always looked forward going to the bee meetings talking with old and new beekeepers. He would always say "You will never stop learning about honeybees as long as you live".

Thank You
Susan Taylor (wife)

TCBA and all of beekeeping will greatly miss George and his passion for beekeeping!

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