TCBA Calendar

Tri-County Beekeepers Association Inc.
2019 Calendar


  • January 30, 2019 Monthly Meeting – Peggy GarnesGearing Up For Spring

  • February 26th Monthly Meeting - Dr. Reed Johnson "Detection and Treating of Nosema"

  • March 27th Monthly Meeting - Dwight Wells "Colony Overwintering, Feeding and Mite Control"

  • April 24th Monthly Meeting - Tom Oakes "Planning For Fair Entries"

  • May 29th Monthly Meeting - Dr. Tracey Cook "There Is An Herb For That"

  • June 26th Monthly Meeting -

  • July 27th TCBA Summer Picnic @ The Wilderness Center in Wilmont

  • August 28th Monthly Meeting

  • September 25th Monthly Meeting

  • October 30th Monthly Meeting

  • November 27th Monthly/Annual Business Meeting

  • December (No Meeting) Merry Christmas

  • The 2019 Calendar is being confirmed. When the speakers are confirmed it will be posted.


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