TCBA History

TCBA was founded some 35+ years ago. The founders recognized, at that time, that Wayne, Holmes and Ashland counties were in need of an association that would support the beekeepers and the general public of the region; thus the "Tri" in the association's name. However, TCBA does not discriminate with our membership, including which county, state or even country they live in. As long as you are interested in honey bees or a related topic, you can apply for membership in TCBA. We currently have over 400 members thru-out Ohio and neighboring states. We have monthly meetings, which are open to the public. We show-off bees and beekeeping at local community events and host what is believed to be the largest one-day beekeeping workshop in the United States.

By-Laws For Tri-County Beekeepers Association Inc. Adopted June 24, 2015